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ETA series

                                                                                           The night light of my childhood  

One day I met Paul,  victimchild ,abuse. Within his family, in the tumult of the day, he grew up in a violent environment. 

This distressed child concentrated his fears at night. In his bedroom, the veil of light from the night light reassured him. It was the only time when the child  told himself a sweet story. This softness of light was for him, like a blanket, an indispensable presence. It allowed him to take refuge in an imaginary, serene, structured world.

  The ZETA, EPSILON and ETA series are inspired by this story.


  -A canvas in daylight,natural, with cheerful, colorful shapes. She represents childhood.

  -A canvas that we discover at night in UV light. Like a night light that reassures and helps the child fall asleep, a geometric shape is drawn on the canvas.

In mathematics, geometry is a physical space. This physical space is a security perimeter, a refuge of calm, serenity and dream,in which the child takes refuge.

Paul is perhaps a child you know?

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