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The IOTA series, through the incorporation of textile spaces created through the Tufting technique, materializes a warm and comforting universe, offering a haven of peace for vulnerable people, especially women and children, who have endured violence. in these different forms: psychological, verbal, economic, physical or sexual.


My quest to denounce and provide support, led me to develop an artistic approach to create a sanctuary, a safe area by means of textiles such as wool because It is undeniable that this symbolic protection embodied by this material evokes a cozy and comfortable cocoon, acting as a bulwark against brutality.


Part of this series comes from reclaimed old canvases, reminiscent of the serene and soothing atmosphere that my grandmother gave me when she devoted herself to embroidery or knitting.


These canvases are intended to diffuse this reassuring atmosphere resulting from precious moments, thus making it possible to rediscover the sweetness of childhood.

Tufting and the use of ancient canvas not only brings protection, but also serenity, well-being and security, thus creating a universe where art becomes a refuge for those who need it most.

We don't play the heartbreak game,
we try to have wings and to fly.     

                                                                Etel Adnan

serie IOTA

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