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Mes works circumvent silences, they connect me to others.

I create artistic security perimeters to shelter from all forms of excess.


After pharmaceutical studies, a pharmacy professional life, a specialty in orthopedics with the manufacture of corsets, I teach in a CFA several subjects and in particular Chemistry.


The manufacture of corsets is a very important step in my life because it connects craftsmanship and haute couture, a true fantasized obsession.

A kind of revenge vis-à-vis an opportunity that was offered to me to work for the Maison Yves Saint Laurent, forced to decline under parental pressure.

The corset is a support object, a covering module, a protective barrier.


All these experiences catalyze research to give a virtual artistic perimeter of protection to women and children.



                                                                      Artistic approach

The ZETA, EPSILON and ETA series

Violence is at the heart of my concerns. All forms of violence: verbal, physical or psychological and in particular those of which women and children are victims


Violence is   the common thread of my   latest series of paintings 


I combine art and mathematics, using the geometry 

Mathematics, responses to violence?

In Mathematics, we can write:    

    Child + woman abuse = Violent

Protecting yourself  requires sheltering, a physical space, a security perimeter.

Physical spaces in Mathematics are geometric shapes: triangle, circle...


Each painting is visible day and night.

-The day, A cheerful and colorful canvas to represent Life, Joy

-the night  A canvas in UV light: appearance of a geometric shape, security perimeter, bulwark against excess and preservation of Life!












                                 artwork  day view                                          work  view inlight UV


THETA series

This series of paintings depicts abstract landscapes.

I denounce the violence done to the environment.

As in the previous series, I always use geometry as a security perimeter.

It is the frame, the part that supports the canvas, of geometric shape: square or rectangular, which becomes the perimeter of security, virtual protection of the environment.

The IOTA series(2023) represents spaces of preservation, safe perimeter from the oppression of minorities.


The part made in Tufting with wool, materialise this warm and cozy, comforting space that we seek when chaos arises.

the IOTA series is the culmination of 3 years of work and exploration on the security perimeter with the feeling of getting closer to reality by using textiles, wool to materialize a soft and comfortable space

​ Tufting, ​ craft technique, also called tufting or tufting, makes it possible to create thick and cozy rugs by inserting wool on a canvas stretched using a gun to tuft, to create original pieces by playing with shapes, wools and textures.


Œuvre vu de jour et en lumière UV
IMG-20230131-WA0021 (1).1.jpg

I am not opposing abstract painting to figurative painting.

A painting should be both abstract and figurative.

Abstract as a wall, figurative as a representation of a space.

Nicolas de Staël

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