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Far from the tumult and violence, sheltered in my silences….

Painting bypassed these silences, connected me to others and thus allowed me to share my vision of society.


After pharmaceutical studies, a pharmacy professional life, a specialty in orthopedics with the manufacture of corsets, I finished my career in a CFA teaching several subjects and in particular Chemistry.


The manufacture of corsets is a very important step in my life because it connects craftsmanship and haute couture, a true fantasized obsession. Indeed, an opportunity declined by my parents, was offered to me  to work at Yves Saint Laurent.

This artisan work gave me the desire to go further in the exploration  of my work as an artist.


The teaching of  chemistry reconnected me to my studies and strengthened my taste for physics and mathematics.

All these experiences have catalyzed my research and are used in the development of my works.

Artistic approach


Violence is at the heart of my concerns. All forms of violence: verbal, physical or psychological and in particular those of which women and children are victims


violence is  the common thread of my  latest series of paintings  


I combine art and mathematics, using geometry.

Mathematics, responses to violence?

In Mathematics, we can write:   

         Child + woman abuse  = Violent

To protect yourself  requires shelter, a physical space, a security perimeter.

Physical spaces in Mathematics are geometric shapes: triangle, circle...


Each painting is visible day and night.

-The day, A cheerful and colorful canvas to represent Life, Joy

-The night A canvas in UV light: appearance of a geometric shape, bulwark against excess and preservation of Life!















                     work  day view                       work  seen in light  UV



I am not opposing abstract painting to figurative painting.

A painting should be both abstract and figurative.

Abstract as a wall, figurative as a representation of a space.

Nicolas de Staël

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